Know More About Your Forehead Lift!

Cosmetic enhancement treatment, apart from being a way of exquisite improvement, involves advanced procedures. It is the total enrichment of the body. We live in a society where looks are as important as our profession and lifestyle. Plastic surgery is a helpful tool for facelifts, forehead lifts, breast reduction, hair transplant, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck etc. which greatly enhance one’s appearance.


A forehead lift is a surgical procedure to change the position of the soft tissues of the forehead and also reduces sagging of the skin around the eyebrow and nose area.


In chisel clinic there are multiple surgical approaches that have been introduced and practiced:


A direct brow lift is executed by removing a segment of skin and muscle above the eyebrows. The snick is hidden within the brow hair. This technique does not address lines and wrinkles within the forehead. It is typically reserved for older patients or for men with thick eyebrow hair and male pattern baldness for whom other techniques might result in an unacceptable elevation of the hairline.


A mid-forehead lift is deliberated for patients who have heavy sagging eyebrows and deeper forehead wrinkles. The surgeon makes scratches within the deep forehead wrinkles and removes the excess skin, fat and sometimes muscle. Scratches are made within the deep wrinkles so that the resulting scars are concealed within the skin lines and are not very noticeable after healing.


The advantage of this technique is that a minimal amount of forehead tissue will be loosened at the time of the surgery. Elevated eyebrows and skin need to be removed from the lower part of the forehead when a site is chosen. This technique does not require upgrading the skin of the whole forehead and the position of the hairline is not altered by this technique.


Chisel clinic is the best option for forehead lifts and other types of plastic surgeries. We believe in making you smile and providing you with impeccable looks.

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